Special Cattle Sale Tues March 24th 12:00

With much consideration we have decided to continue with our sale schedule. We as livestock auction operators realize the need for producers to be able to market their livestock even during the difficult times we face before us. However, to help reduce the spread of COVID-19, we have closed the cafe and we ask nonessential patrons to refrain from the public auction til further notice.
We are truly sorry for any inconvenience and as always you may call with any questions.
Oxford Sale Barn
Special Cattle Sale
Tues March 24th 12:00
60 Blk-Bwf strs 2Xvac on roughage#900
80 Blk strs vac weaned#700-800
26 Blk strs vac weaned#750
23 Blk strs vac weaned#800
30 Blk strs 2Xvac weaned#600
20 Blk strs 2Xvac weaned#675
50 Blk strs vac weaned#450-600
30 Blk hfrs 2Xvac weaned#650-750
80 Blk strs-hfrs vac weaned#575-650
50 Blk-Bwf strs-hfrs vac weaned#450-550
32 Blk strs-hfrs vac weaned#550-650
30 Blk strs-hfrs vac weaned#450-550

28 Blk strs-hfrs vac weaned#650-750

11 Blk-Red strs vac weaned#450-550

21 Blk strs-hfrs vac weaned#750-850
15 Blk strs-hfrs vac weaned#500-600
13 Blk strs-hfrs vac weaned#650-750
11 Blk strs-hfrs vac weaned#450-550
expecting more cattle
*for updated announcements please check website or call*
upcoming special cattle sale Tues April 14th