Oxford Sale Barn
Special Cow and Bred Hfr Sale
Tues Nov 17th 12:00
20 Blk S.D. origin coming 2 yr olds A-I bred to 4 star calving ease Polled Herf bull Bonanza to calve Feb15th cleaned up with SAV Sensation son from Dean Thomann. Complete vac and mineral program
25 mostly Blk 3-6 yrs bred Blk bull to calve Mar 1st
10 Red Angus 9-12 yrs bred Schroeder Angus bull to calve March 15th
10 mixed 4-10 yrs bred Rwf bull to calve March
7 Blk cow calf pairs 5-7 yrs with fall born calves at side
6 Blk-Bwf 7-8 yrs bred Palmer Angus bull to calve Mar 15th
5 Blk 5-7 yrs to calve this fall
5 mostly blk 6-10 yrs bred Angus bull to calve Feb 1st
10 RedX calves#450‐550
expecting more cows
upcoming special cattle sales
Tues Nov 24th
Tues Dec 15th