Oxford Sale Barn
Special Bred Hfr and Cow Sale
Tues Jan 19th 12:00
Martins:47 fancy quiet Blk-Bwf 1st calf hfrs A-I bred to proven calving ease #72 B.W. Blk bull and cleaned up with easy calving low B.W. Angus bulls to calve Feb 27th for 65 days. 33 head confirmed A-I and 42 head are fetus sexed #1100-1200
Schott:64 fancy quiet Blk-Bwf 1st calf hfrs bred to easy calving #70‐72 B.W. PB Angus bulls to calve Mar 10th for 90 days complete vac and mineral program #1100‐1200
Comp Disp Dvorak: 17 Blk cows 4 yrs on up bred Bwf Sim bull
Donohoe: 1- 2yr old Herf bull
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Tues Jan 26th feeder cattle
Tues Feb 2nd bred hfrs
Tues Feb 9th feeder cattle