Oxford Sale Barn
Special Bred Cow Sale
Tues March 16th 12:00
Stan Yoder Comp Disp:85 fancy Blk cows 3 yrs on up bred Nichols Sim-AngX bulls to calve March 26th complete vac program including Scourguard. A top producing set of cows
4- Nichols Genetics Sim-AngusX bulls coming 4 yr olds
Portwood Disp:35 Big Blk cows 3-9 yrs bred Angus or Sim-AngX bulls to calve Mar 25th complete vac program including Scourguard
Teideman Comp Disp:20 Blk cows 4 yrs bred Angus bull due April 7th
6 Blk 2 yrs old A-I bred easy calving Angus bull to calve April 7th
Morsch Disp:18 Big Fancy Blk cows 3-8 yrs bred Sim-AngX bulls calving now complete vac program including Scourguard
Madden Comp Disp:6 Blk cows 3-5 yrs bred Blk bull to calve April 15th
expecting more cows
Upcoming Special Cattle Sales
Tues Mar 23rd
Tues April 6th