Oxford Sale Barn
Special Cattle Sale
Tues July 13th 12:00
135 mostly Blk hfrs 2Xvac on roughage#750‐800
46 Blk-Red strs 2Xvac on roughage#850-900
70 mostly Blk strs 2Xvac on roughage#750
14 Blk hfrs 2Xvac on roughage#750
24 Blk strs-hfrs vac weaned#700‐900
20 Angus strs-hfrs vac weaned#750‐950
15 Blk strs-hfrs vac weaned#600-700
10 Big Blk quiet cows middle aged bred Blk bull to calve Aug 1st
4 CharXGelv cows with calves at side middle aged
expecting more cattle
upcoming special cattle sale
Tues Aug 3rd