Oxford Sale Barn
Special Bred Cow and Martins Bred Heifer Sale
Tues Jan 18th 12:00
Martins: 72 fancy quiet 1st calf hfrs A-I bred to proven calving ease bull to calve Mar 1st thru April 29th cleaned up with Angus bulls. Ultra sound preg checked and fetus sexed to be sold in tight calving windows. #1150‐1250
Doyle: 54 Blk 1st calf hfrs bred easy calving low birth weight Angus bulls to calve Feb 20th for 60 days complete vac program including 2 rounds of Scourguard#1000‐1100
VanDee Disp: 19 Blk cows  5-8 yrs bred Dr Palmer Angus bull to calve Mar 15th
3 Blk fall pairs middle aged
Donohoe: 12 Big blk cows 3-7 yrs bred Angus bull to calve Mar and Apr
Klemp: 10 Big Bwf-Herf cows 5-10 yrs bred Angus or Herf bulls to calve Feb and Mar
Barker: 10 Big Blk cows 4-10 yrs bred Blk or Herf bull to calve Mar 20th for 90 days complete vac program
expecting more cows
upcoming special cattle sales Tues Jan 25th and Tues Feb 8th