Oxford Sale Barn
Special Bred Hfr and Cow Sale
Tues Feb 15th 12:00
Short Bros.-74 fancy quiet Miller Ranch Bowman ND originated A-I bred to Brickyard cleaned up with LBW easy calving Angus bulls to calve Mar 13th complete vac program including 2 rounds of Scourguard ultrasound preg and fetus sex checked #1100‐1200. Phil 319-440-2333
Portwood-50 Big Blk cows 4-8 yrs bred Blk bulls to calve Mar 1st
Vette-40 Nice quiet Blk cows 3-6 yrs bred Blk bulls to calve Mar 20th for 90 days
Peirce-11 Blk cows 5-8 yrs bred Blk bull to calve Mar-Apr
1 coming 2 yr old Angus bull
18 Blk strs-hfrs vac weaned#600‐700
upcoming special cattle sales
Tues Feb 22nd
Tues Mar 8th