Oxford Sale Barn
Regular Sale
Tues Nov 15th 12:30
Comp Disp 14 Bwf-Rwf cows 6-10 yrs bred Blk bull to calve April 1st
20 Blk cows 6-8 yrs bred Angus or Herf bull to calve April 1st
14 Blk bulls-hfrs#400‐600
20 Blk bulls-hfrs#400‐550
15 Blk strs-hfrs weaned30#500‐600
12 Angus hfrs vac weaned60#550‐650
5 Blk strs-hfrs vac weaned#500‐600
4 Blk-Red cow/calf pairs 4-6 yrs
3 Blk cow/calf pairs
Upcoming Special Cattle Sales
Tues Nov 22nd
Tues Dec13th
Upcoming Special Cow Sale
Tues Dec 20th