Oxford Sale Barn
Special Cattle Sale
Tues July 11th 12:00
175 Blk strs 2Xvac on roughage#850-900
68 Blk hfrs 2Xvac on roughage#775
65 Blk hfrs 2Xvac on roughage#800
60 Blk hfrs 2Xvac on roughage#800
40 Blk hfrs 2Xvac weaned on roughage green cond#550-650
15 Blk hfrs vac weaned#600
10 Blk hfrs 2Xvac weaned#575
20 Blk strs-hfrs vac on roughage#800-900
6 Blk strs vac weaned#800-900
6 Blk strs vac weaned#500-600
5 Blk strs-hfrs vac weaned#800-900
1 coming 3 yr old Angus bull semen tested
expecting more cattle
Upcoming Bred Cow and Cow/calf Pair Sale
Tues July 18th
35 Blk cow calf pairs 3-10 yrs
60 Mostly Blk cows 3-10 yrs bred PB Angus bull to calve Sept 15
Upcoming Special Cattle Sale
Tues Aug 1