Oxford Sale Barn
Special Bred Cow and Heifer Sale
Tues Dec 5th 12:00
Curtis Cattle Co.-35 Extra Fancy Homeraised and Quiet Red Angus and Rwf coming 2 yr olds synchronized bred to Jeffries Red Angus or Reck Bros and Eugene Greiner Blk Sim bulls ultrasound preg checked to calve Mar 16 for 22 day calving period #1200

40 Fancy Red Angus and Rwf 3-7 yrs bred to the Jeffries,Reck or Greiner bulls to calve April 10th for 65 days complete vac and mineral program a top set of producing cows and 2 yr olds

Downes Comp Disp-30 Big Blk 6-10yrs Bred Burns Angus or Trails End Angus bulls to calve April 1st comp vac program

Beatty Comp Disp-27 Fancy Blk 4-8yrs old bred PB Angus bulls to calve Mar 15th comp vac program

Grier-10 Fancy Bwf coming 2yr olds bred LBW PB Angus bulls ultrasound preg checked to calve Feb 1-Mar 30th for 60 days comp vac program#1100

Rife-4PB Herf coming 2yr olds bred PB Herf bull to calve in April
Klemp-10 Blk-Herf 3-6yrs bred Angus or Herf to calve Feb 15th

Wulf- 14 Blk 6-10 yrs bred Angus bull to calve April 1

Brady-10 Blk 7-10yrs bred Angus bulls to calve April 1

Grimm-8 Big Blk 4-7yrs bred Sim-Ang bulls ultrasound preg checked to calve Feb 1st -Mar 30th comp vac and mineral program

3 Blk cow calf pairs
2 Blk cow calf pairs
Expecting more cows
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